Susan Moore/ Jeff Moore/ Photography
M o o r e P h o t o g r a p h y


We wish to thank you for dropping in. Our work covers a wide array of subject matter both personal and client based. We welcome new clients and thank our current and past ones. We have been shooting together for 20 plus years and love it today as we did back then.
In the early 90's we spear headed a major movement in the wedding industry and took our Wedding photography to new levels. "Fine Art Wedding Photography" was pretty much an underground cult of artists who had to shoot weddings to pay the bills. The images were stunning, hand printed, and very refreshing. Today we have the same vision but those 10 hour days in the darkroom are no longer possible. We embrace the digital era for freeing up time to shoot more often. For more information on how to acquire our services please drop us an e-mail under the "contact" tab to the left. Suzie and Jeff Moore/MoorePhotography/
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